Music Production Services. Jonah works as a producer and engineer for artists from around the world either at his own studio, at other professional recording studios around the country or remotely with artists from as far away as Russia, Pakistan, and Australia.

Jonah specializes in a full-service approach to production, often working with artists from the ground up and providing everything needed – from help with song development, professional studio musicians, recording, mixing, and mastering.  While very hands-on – in that he’ll do whatever needs to be done – Jonah insists on giving full control to the client believing the final product must be an accurate reflection of his/her artistry.  

Jonah also uses his musical and engineering abilities outside of the music world helping non-music/corporate clients with their custom music and audio services needs.  Learn more.

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How do I produce a song remotely?

The process is tailored to each artist based on location, preferences, and time-frame.  Typically, though, we'll follow these steps:

Pre-production: I’ll listen to your demo and then discuss with you the direction you want to go with your song.  This can be done either by email, phone, or video chat.

Sketch: Based on our discussion, I’ll usually make up a few short sketches of possible directions we could go with the song. We’ll talk about them and you can tell me what you like or dislike about each OR simply pick one to run with.

Tracking: We'll record all the main instruments for the song and provide you with a rough mix to use as a foundation for tracking your vocals and any other part you wish to include. Depending on your preference and experience, I can help you find a local studio to record your parts in or help you record them at home.  I can coach you through the vocal session or let you do your thing.

Mixing: My favorite part. I’ll edit and sculpt the song into a dynamic and exciting final product - as polished or raw as you like it.

Mastering: If the song is part of an album, I'll provide you with a pre-mastered mix.  Otherwise, I will have the song mastered to broadcast standards.

At every point in the process, I will work at it until you’re 100% satisfied. The most important thing to me is that you end up with something both excellent and authentic to you.  I won’t try to mold you into something you’re not and, while I’ll push you to excellence, I will always defer to your vision and judgement.