What Exactly Do I Do?

Whatever needs to be done. Production is everything that happens between your song idea and the finished product on the radio or film or your album. In a professional production that includes:

  • developing the lyrics, melody, and chord progression
  • establishing the mood and personality of the song
  • finding the best key, tempo, and time signature
  • arranging the structure of the song
  • deciding on the instrumentation, sounds, and vocal style
  • working out each instrument and vocal part
  • recording all the parts
  • mixing the song (often the difference between an amateur and pro sound)
  • mastering the song

Every song and every artist is different. Some songwriters need help with every one of these things and need to hire professionals (session musicians, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, producer) to get the job done. Others need help with one or two of these things. Others need just an administrator or a coach or just someone to bounce ideas off of.

My specialty is filling in the gaps. Whether I'm doing it all or doing just a part, I work as an extension of you providing whatever you need to make your music the best it can be.

Whatever You Need

YOU bring your song, your voice, your talent, and your artistry. I'LL bring everything else you need to record and produce your song. We can work in my studio, in a studio near you, or remotely - whatever works best.  The best music comes when you're most comfortable and we can have fun with the process.  Let me know what you need and I'll be there.

You're The Boss

We start with your vision and your talents and then we fill in the gaps. Most of my clients come to me with a simple demo and the we work together to craft that idea into a fully-produced, market-ready song.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little help you want, I'm here. Some of my clients are involved in every part of the process. Others give me their idea and let me run with it. It’s up to you! I will provide all the resources needed to make a great song for an upfront and set price and I don’t stop until you’re happy.


I want you to be completely satisfied with your song. To make sure you are, I will work on your song until you’re completely satisfied. Like everything but the snare sound? We’ll change it. Don’t like how you sang “love”? We’ll fix it.  You're a perfectionist? So am I! I never EVER mind adjusting even the smallest things until it's right.

I'VE BEEN THERE. I was once in your shoes.  As a signed recording artist in the late 90s/early 2000s I experienced first-hand what it's like to entrust someone else with my music.  I know how important it is for an artist to feel authentic and to get each song just right.  I don't take that lightly with any of my clients.